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Music has been a central part of Justin “DJ DNA” Adams’ life for as long as his memory allows. Some of Justin’s earliest memories of playing records for family and friends go back as early as three-years-old. By eight years of age, he was a regular fixture at a local recording studio where his step-father engineered sessions for local rock bands in the mid to late 80’s. By age ten Justin had fallen in love with Hip Hop, and by fourteen he had saved up enough of his own money to finally buy a pair of Technics 1200 turntables. As a young student of music, he would study records daily, ignoring most everything else in his life. After borrowing a sampler from a friend, Justin would make music for local artists and often skip school to work at local recording studios, where he was inspired to create and learn to make records.

Shortly after graduating high school Justin found employment in corporate America and rapidly excelled as a IT professional during the dot-com era. However, music remained a vital focus for Justin as he continued to work on his music daily. Eventually his passion for music led him to leave the security of his career and focus his efforts solely in music. In 2003 Justin signed a record deal with Bomb Hip Hop / EMI Records and recorded an all instrumental album. Released in 2004, “Impressionism” became a critically acclaimed success earning a four-star review in URB Magazine, which helped to catapult DJ DNA’s career. Throughout the rest of the decade DJ DNA performed at shows and night clubs over 500 times across the country. In between shows, DNA traveled from his hometown of Sacramento to Los Angeles weekly to work with artists, songwriters and establish relationships within the industry.

In 2011, after a night at the Record Plant with Justin Bieber, DNA realized he needed to seize the moment and moved his family to Los Angeles. Immediately, DNA licensed music that landed him over 5,000 placements on TV including NBC, MTV and E!. Today, DNA is in the studio utilizing his knowledge of records from many years of DJ’ing with a goal of building a team brand for hit records that will become future classics.